About Us

Smsaar, an online real estate networking website headquartered in Al-Khobar. Smsaar strives to become a market leader by bringing together people, businesses & relators in GCC to provide real estate electronic solutions.

The website presently caters to the Saudi market and delivers an exclusive regional network for professionals and companies in the real estate industry to connect and collaborate with each other. The company is futuristic and has plans to target the whole of GCC and few other international markets such as United Kingdom, the United States of America, Turkey and Malaysia shortly.

Designed specifically to suit the needs of the real estate industry, Smsaar assists connecting like-minded realtors, let’s them share information about the industry, post property listing and bid for property deals. The services provided by the website is less about promoting the property listings and more about engaging with businesses and industry peers. The company believes that networking with industry experts (other agents, mortgage lenders, builders, investors) is one of the best ways of bettering one’s approach to promoting business and listings which will attract a lot of clients to become members of Smsaar.

The website is an excellent way of promoting individuals and businesses to build trust, and spread marketing through friends of friends and groups. Every real estate agent wants to become better at their job: from securing new leads to closing more deals to earning more money. The truth is that it’s very difficult for agents to do this individually. Agents, businesses and individuals converse in this distinct community. Info on closing costs, housing and office markets and think pieces on the direction of the industry are just a sample of what users will find in the group.

This website will allow all real estate organizations, companies, establishments, offices and individuals to create accounts which will provide them the ability to add each other, exchange messages, post relevant industry information, share photos and videos, like posts, comment on posts and receive notifications when others update their profiles. Additionally, users may join common-interest user groups organized by workplace or any organization.